Manic Witch

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What the fuck was she thinking?

I interviewed a new aide last week, and I really want to know what she was thinking. She showed up in denim shorts. Not only were they denim shorts, but they were at least one size too small. She was a larger woman so at least they weren't "Daisy Dukes", but still. She was qualified and those seem to be hard to come by, so we let it go. BUT, a couple of days later, we needed her to meet me at the office to go meet a new client. Again, she showed up in the same shorts. Thank goddess the client cancelled before we left (his mother died the night before), otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take her. I understand about not having many dress-up clothes. For over 7 years, my whole wardrobe consisted of scrubs, jeans, sweats, and one nice court/interview/going out to a nice dinner outfit. One pair of pants and 2 tops. I finally had to tell her that its ok to wear scrubs. We are a healthcare agency, we understand scrubs. THAT would have been a better choice for an interview than her fucking shorts. Seriously, shorts? Denim fucking shorts? When she got dressed for the interview, did she really pull those out of the dresser/laundry basket/out from under her bed and think "Yup, that job is mine"? If we weren't in such need of qualified aides, she never would have gotten past the front door. Just after she left, I was told that I did have the option to tell her to come back in something more appropriate.

So listen to "Auntie Manic" and please head over to Sprawl-Mart and spring for a pair of $15 pants. It will be a good investment in your job-hunt.

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