Manic Witch

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What do you mean, s/he's not a deduction?

Apparently Hubs and I have a 5th child. I have "Agatha" and "Endora" from my first marriage, and he has "Percy" and "Dash" from his previous marriage. But we are now the proud parents of "Ida No". We have no idea how we came to be parents of this child. I would certainly remember another pregnancy, but since the other kids have pretty much destroyed most of my brain cells, who knows? I wish I would have remembered birth control when this kid was conceived though. What a beast! It seems that s/he leaves the bread bag open, spills cereal all over the kitchen, finishes the last of the milk without telling anyone, uses up the toilet paper and doesn't put on a new roll, spits toothpaste all over the bathroom sink-just to name a few "crimes." And the kids have told me that "Ida No" has been pestering the shit out of the cats lately. I've been known to call him/her "Whoever", as in: "Whoever was the last person to take a shower, please put your dirty clothes in your laundry basket and get them off the bathroom floor."

What really gets me is that I have no idea what this child looks like. I've never gotten more than a passing glance, so I don't know if it's a son or daughter. Does she have my smile? Or Hubs' eyes? Is he tall, or short? It's just a vague presence. But I know s/he's there. The kids have all told me so.

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