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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I need a vacation from my vacation

Where was I in my description of my relaxing vacation? Oh yes, I had a list that would make the weaker ones cry. So far I've:

Hubs and I-
1. Picked up Percy's paycheck.
2. Drove to dealership to get temporary plates for my car since we couldn't transfer the old ones.
3. Drove to a side job for Hubs.
4. Deposited Percy's paycheck
5. Got Magellan.
6. POWER grocery shopping.

1. POWER yard work with Hubs.
2. Hubs and his employee fixed a bunch of problems with Agatha's car.

1. Cleaned the hell out of the house.

1. Done another "dry run" to my new office to make sure I know when I need to leave in the morning.
2. Went for my TB test.

1. Picked up supplies for Hubs to decorate his employees' cube for his birthday.
2. Went for a pedi with Agatha.

1. Going to the Museum of Science and Industry with ALL. FOUR. KIDS.
2. Get good and drunk to stop the shakes from dealing with ALL. FOUR. KIDS. in a hands-on museum.

1. Have TB test read and get certificate of clearance.
2. Stitch N Bitch with the Queen.

1. Sleep over for Endora and a friend.
2. Clean house (again).

1. Yard work with Hubs (again).
2. Put my feet up and fucking rest.

This doesn't count all the routine errands I've had to run. I did manage to get about an hour of knitting in this week too. One. stinking. hour. I will up that tomorrow with the Queen though.

My next vacation? Hiding in my attic.

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