Manic Witch

Monday, June 11, 2007

H.B.I.C. Day One

For now I will be Mid-Level Bitch In Charge though. I started my new job and LOVE it! The staff are ALL wonderful, and its a nice change to be working with others. It was just me and Doc for over 2 years and while I loved her, if she wasn't in the office, it got kind of lonely. There were a lot of slow days too, so I had time to surf and blog. That is going to slow down quite a bit now. But don't worry, I will still make sure you get regular doses of Manic-Love.

I will train in one office for a while, learn how to recruit, schedule aides/nurses with patients, learn payroll, background checks, drug screening, open accounts with new patients...then I will go on to my new office where I will be flying solo until I can show a need to hire staff. That may be a while in coming, but we all hope it won't be too long. Everyone is obviously motivated to get that territory covered-meet patient needs, help people out there find work, make money...
Of course, I'm still on my "Work Honeymoon", but I can see liking this job for a long time.

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