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Sunday, June 03, 2007

End of an era

Sit back and relax, this post is going to take a while.

Doc officially closed her practice Friday. We spent the last two weeks busting our asses to get all the paperwork and phone calls done in time. And everytime I would get into the groove of calling agencies and vendors to cancel contracts yet another patient would call to say good bye, wish us luck and tell us just how much they will miss us. Great. Thanks. Now hang up so I can get the rest of my work done. Unfortunately, most of those calls were from patients we really are NOT going to miss. But I know they mean well. This past week was just insane with all the work we've needed to do. It didn't help that we were on the *R.O.A.D. Program* for about two months before this. Most of the stuff was out of our control though. She had to wait to hear from one hospital and practice in her new town before she could make any big decisions and announcements here. We really ended up taking things down to the wire. But we did it and now I'm on vacation for a week before I start my new job.
I will no longer be working in doctors offices. I was offered the position of branch manager (ME! Branch Manager!!) for a healthcare staffing company. It will mean a longer commute and having to drive nurses aides out to their new assignments to make sure the set-up is safe for both the patient as well as the aide. They We do a lot of home health care assignments and want to go on the first day just to make sure that everyone is happy with the arrangement and make sure that its a good fit. So Hubs and I got rid of the gas-whore of a minivan and got this.....

My new baby
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Isn't she beautiful? She's bigger inside than she looks and she doesn't seem to have a drinking problem like my van did. And I know Queen is going to laugh at me, but we ended up getting a GPS for it this weekend. Most of the driving I will have to do involves directions telling me to "turn off the paved road" (thank you, Jeff Foxworthy). Until now I didn't see the need for one, but Mapquest sucks. Half the time it gives me such half-assed directions that I am better off just stopping at every gas station and asking for directions. I can find my way around my entire county without any problem, but I will be driving through one that is partly farmland and I am not familiar with that neck of the woods at all, so this really is almost a necessity.

My "vacation" is shaping up to be anything but a vacation. I have to run a bunch of errands tomorrow including getting a TB test for work. I have to go back on Wednesday for them to read it so I have an official form to turn in. Hello! I used to do this for a living! But we were out of serum, so I couldn't have Doc do it before I left. So I have to deal with that. I also need to find a place to get my CPR certification. Again-Hello! I used to TEACH CPR classes. But I need to have the papers on file, so I deal with that too. And somehow I need to find time to clean house-big time. We've really let it go since I got so busy at work and we've focused most of our energies on yard work. I'm also planning a trip with the kids to The Field Museum. I heard they have free admission this week and the kids would love to go. We would take the train and bus there though. I refuse to drive into Chicago and there isn't enough room in "Baby" for all of us. So that should be a great time for all of us. Next weekend Hubs is taking Agatha on another road trip to try to finish getting all her hours in for her license. Percy will be at his mom's, so it will be just Endora and me for the weekend. We might try to do something, just the two of us.

Maybe I'll find one day to just laze around and do nothing. Who knows, I might even get to knit. Gods know that I haven't touched my needles in weeks. I hope I remember how. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Retired On Active Duty. It's a military acronym, usually used by service people nearing the end of their time in service.*

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