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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This is getting out of hand

I have been participating with the "Great Gas Prices Bitch Out" along with everyone else in the country. Gas is now $3.25 a gallon, and I just paid $72 to fill up my van the other day! The May 15 gas boycott is total bullshit. People will just get their gas a day earlier or later, but the gas stations will still get the same average of sales over a week, so that concept is flawed. And Maeyn's husband pointed out that big oil will just raise prices to make up for any "lost profit". I'm thinking they may do it in retaliation. I saw on the news last night that people are going to pawn shops just to get money for gas. Pawn shop owners are talking of people coming in, taking off their jewelry just for 5 or 10 bucks which we all know won't buy much-less than 5 gallons. My guess is that big oil is testing our threshold for what we will settle for in prices. We all bitched last year when it went from $2.25 a gallon up to over $3.00, so they dropped the prices to around $2.60 and we all breathed a sigh of relief. They've been slowly creeping up to around $2.80 and we didn't notice tooo much. Then we had the big jump up to $3.25 and we are all up in arms. I can see them being charitable and "lowering" prices to around $3.00 and everyone being grateful. So NOW our threshold is $3.00 a gallon.

I am thinking more and more of selling the van and getting something smaller. Hubs pointed out that with Percy and soon Agatha driving, we really don't need something that size. I love my van, but the reality is that I don't think we can afford it much longer. The reality set in on Sunday when I considered my trip to see the Queen as a treat. We desperately needed to get together. We hadn't seen each other in such a long time and needed adult, female, BFF contact. But for a few, pathetic minutes I had contemplated the gas usage. I don't go ANYWHERE not essential. And that is what got me over the hump of that sad feeling, seeing her WAS essential for my own mental well-being. And I'm grateful that I only work 3 miles from home. But what happens with a new job? What if its farther? I will need to get more money, not only for my self esteem-I believe if you switch jobs, it should also include an increase in pay, but to pay for the increased gas usage.

Then there is the trickle down effect to think about. Higher gas prices=higher transportation/freight costs=higher grocery bills. So now we can't afford to buy the stuff at stores we can't afford to drive to because of the high gas prices.

Agatha still needs about 15-20 more hours of driving time before she can get her license. We use the smaller car that she will get for that, but we are still having a hard time justifying joyriding at these prices. But its the only way she can get her license so she can get a job-which she really wants to do. Good thing, because she will need it to pay for gas. Hubs works for a company with several branches and management is considering relocating employees to the branch nearest to their home. The entry level employees aren't making that much to be able to afford these increasing prices.

Wow, talk about a long winded post. Looks like I have enough gas in the form of hot air. THAT is still affordable.

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