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Saturday, May 19, 2007

HE CALLED! He called! Hecalledhecalledhecalled!!!

At 9:50 Thursday night.

The fucker.

We set up a second (third?) interview Friday with the other doctor in the office. He leases space from her so its two separate practices in the same office suite. I wouldn't be working "directly" with her, I would be working for him, but she does need to approve me since she would have to deal with me on an indirect basis. Kind of like meeting your potential-future-mother-in-law. Ok, whatever.
Unfortunately, my Bullshit Detector was going off with such force that I almost heard and saw lights and sirens. All of a sudden my role was being downplayed to such that I was presented as pretty much a glorified receptionst/Medical Assistant. So either he is trying to get me in as that and will blind-side her with his real plan, or he was bullshitting ME about the position. Either way, I'm not on board with that. I don't like being lied to, and I don't like ambushing someone like that. That's the perfect way to create animosity with someone, and Witchy don't play that.
He was pretty surprised to learn that I knew some inside information about changes that his office had just made in the past week. I know all the vendors that his office uses and MOST of them like me. The difference is that as a doctor, he has very little direct interaction with them. It's a small world Motherfucker, and being on the front line gives me access to information you docs don't get because you're too full of your own self-importance to deal with the "little people."

So unless this other job that I really, REALLY want doesn't pan out, I may end up working for Cardio-Dude if he still wants me. I just don't see myself working for B.S.Dude. I'm not that desperate yet.

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