Manic Witch

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do dating rules apply to job hunts?

Does the Wait-2-days-before-calling rule apply with job interviews? That interview that I thought I nailed? I met with the guy again Sunday evening (Mother's Day! Evening!) to see the office since I could potentially be replacing the current office manager. NewDoc tells me that he needs to discuss this with another doc and set up an interview with her. After all those hours we spent talking and getting to each other and now, nothing. Not a phone call, not an email. I feel so dirty.

I have another interview tomorrow with another company-a medical staffing agency. Not as a temp worker, or head-hunter, but as office manager leading to branch manager. I already know the woman interviewing me, we get along really well and *once again* I have high hopes.

I wish dates prospective employers would just be honest up front. Don't make me get all dolled up for a blind date interview, check my resume 3 times, waste gas and fake smile my way through your boring stories about Little Tommy's latest adventures in potty training only to find out that you are offering to pay slightly more than a career burger flipper in McDonalds makes. If I knew you were paying in the single digits, I wouldn't have wasted my (or your) time.

Maybe I can find "the one" and get off this dating job hunting train. But in a few weeks, desperation will set in and I will have little choice but to take whatever I can get.

*Don't read into the dating analogy. Hubs and I are doing VERY well, thank you.*

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