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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Road trip

Agatha and I have a road trip planned for this weekend. Thanks to Illinois, new drivers need 50 hours of supervised drive time before they can get their license. In her case, its a good thing. She has no depth perception and gets way too distracted to concentrate properly. I fear for her and other drivers if she doesn't get it together. Hence the road trip. Not only will it add about 15 hours towards her requirement, but hopefully she will have finally learned something. The short 15 minute quickie trips around town don't really give her much opportunity to learn new skills.
And it will be worse for Endora and Dash. Next year, new drivers will need 100 hours and have to hold their learners permits 9 months before they can go to the circle of hell that is the DMV. That sucks, because now they won't even be able to get a part time job until they are nearly 17. The theory is that it will give kids the chance to drive in ALL kinds of weather. The flaw in that though is this: Agatha got her permit in February. I was NOT going to let her drive for the very first time in snowy/sleety/icy conditions. Now that she has a few hours under her belt, we are hitting spring (with the exception of a few days ago), she won't have the chance to drive in that shit before 9 months are up. BUT she would (hopefully) be experienced enough to be able to handle it.

Wish me luck.

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