Manic Witch

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Age, New Look, New Rant

What is it about birthdays that turns us all into 5 year olds? Why do we tell everyone "Please don't get me anything. It's just another day." then get all pouty when everyone does act like its another day? We get up, get our birthday wishes and kisses from the hubby, kids and dog and go to work. Work all day, run a few errands, come home, cook dinner and pretty much act like its just another day. Then we have the balls to be all pissy when we realize that this day wasn't delcared a national holiday, no one is going to escort you to your velvet covered throne while men in loin cloths wave palm fronds over you and whisper how beautiful you are, while they are nearly naked, and glistening with oil...


Hey! It is by birthday. You fantasize about what you want on your birthday.
There is going to be a party next week for me, my older bro and his son. Mortimer and I have the same birthday and his son Templeton, is just a few days later. So there is still hope for this 5 year old. But the 41 year old knows that birthdays really are for our kids.

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