Manic Witch

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ah, spring...

Birds are chirping, children laughing, the breeze sending wafts of fresh air through my house, and the twice-weekly ritual of me calling the cops on the mother-fucker across the street. I hate rap. I just don't get it. But that's me. I'm sure HE doesn't get 80's hits either. Different strokes. I just don't have this burning need to share my taste in music with half the 'hood. This guy is across the street and two doors down. I shouldn't be worrying about my shit falling off the walls, or have to crank up the volume of the tv, or even worse-I shouldn't have to close my windows just because he's an inconsiderate barrel of monkey-spunk. So we have our little spring/summer routine of me calling the cops and him turning the tunes down until the cops leave the 'hood. Then he turns his shit back up, I call the cops back....Now I remember why I looked forward to cooler weather. Unfortunately, that is the ONLY reason.

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