Manic Witch

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well cover me in snow and call me kitty

Why do I have the feeling that people from Upstate New York are calling us all pussies? Just because we got "a few inches" of snow. The roads here suck, the temprature is dropping before my eyes, snow is blowing all over the fucking place and poor Midnight is having a helluva time debating just how badly he needs to go out to potty. So yeah, if bitching about this makes me pussy, then "meow".

And this post from January 2005 really bears repeating:
I just helped hubs shovel 8 inches of "winter wonderland" and if I see Mr. Plow going down my street again, I am going to yank him out of the vehicle and bitch-slap him with my shovel. I swear that bastard waits around the corner until we are done getting all the icy stuff off the end of the driveway, then comes barreling around the corner to drop more shit at the end of the drive.
And who wrote all those crappy, lovey-dovey, warm and fuzzy winter songs anyway?

Let it snow? Fine, you come shovel my drive you psychopath.
Winter Wonderland? Bite me.
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas? Yeah, well I'm dreaming of the Bahamas.
Suzy Snowflake? Is a vindictive ho.

That's all I got folks. I need some coffee and a warm blankie.

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