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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nightmare on Witch Street

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been having some very VIVID dreams. Last night I dreamt that our house was on fire. We managed to get the kids, dog and Midnight out, but that was it. I was sitting in the front yard to signal the fire trucks because our porch light has been burnt out and we haven't replaced it yet. Yeah, I know...the blazing fire should have been a clue, but work with me here. After they got there, I was sitting in the corner of our front yard, sobbing and rocking with the dog. Hubs and the kids were in the back yard. We lost Smokey, Obi Wan and ALL of our posessions. After the fire was out, we went back into the house to see if ANYTHING at all could be salvaged. Now the weird thing is, there was NOTHING in the house. NOTHING. No walls, no ceiling, no ashes, no furniture. Nothing to indicate that there had been a fire. Or a finished house for that matter. It looked like it was in the process of being built-except for all the partly charred wood. On top of mourning the loss of our critters, I was especially upset that Agatha lost her laptop in the fire. I know how much that means to her. And this is the sick part-I especially grieved the loss of all my knitting stuff. My stash, my needles, my WIP, everything. Am I that addicted, or has it really become such a source of security for me?
When I scared myself awake, went to the bathroom and went back to bed, the dream resumed. More of the same thing. Usually when I wake up from a dream like that, it breaks the momentum and I get into another scenario. Not this time. I couldn't escape it.

That isn't the only vivid dream that I've had lately. I also had a couple of dreams where I met Lana and Ari in person. We met up at a fabulous cabin up near their neck of the country and had a great time with a Stitch, Sip and Bitch. I don't know what that means. Of course I've had some pretty detailed dreams of George Clooney, but I know what those mean.


So what is it with me lately? Usually my dreams are pretty vague-I'm more or less an observer to what is going on. But lately, I've been pretty freaked out about going to bed. I wish I remembered what I did before my Clooney dreams.

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