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Friday, February 02, 2007

Meandering musings

Just to give you an idea how sick I was last weekend-I not only recorded this, but I am lame enough that I actually watched it. 3 days later. When I was feeling better. Does anyone have wine to go with that cheese?

Until Sunday, we have a new parting around here. No one says "good-bye", or "see ya later" when we part company. Everyone says "Go Bears." Even my littlest patients don't say "Goodbye Nurse Manic" anymore. They lisp "Go Bearth". (Everyone say "awwww"). Even the news media is going all out on this. Not one mention of groundhog's day on the news this morning. Of course it's only 8F here, so its pretty obvious that we are in for at least another 6 weeks of this shit, but still...

I love the Blogosphere. If it weren't for blogs, I wouldn't have been able to get a Broncos jersey for Hubs, thanks to Maevyn. During the Superbowl, DIYNetwork is running a Knitty Gritty marathon. And because Ari is Goddess incarnate, I will get it on DVD. I don't have Tivo, and if you think I am missing even one second of the game, well tell me how that crack is that you are smoking. Bet it's good shit. If I could manage a cather, I wouldn't even get up for potty breaks. (You're welcome).

Hubs and I commented on Superbowl ads...I know McMahon and Tate spend untold millions for a 30 second spot, including research and production. Why is it that they only play for a few weeks after the game, then that's it? They spend the rest of the year cranking out dreck. Replay those ads. The FedEx caveman was hilarious.

Teyla? Hubs and I were talking about what a slap in the face it would have been if we played in N.O. this year instead of Miami. After the way the Bears just PUNISHED the 'aints, could you imagine us going down for the game? Of course if the unthinkable happens, N.O. would just love it. But it won't happen, so that's really a moot point.

Ok, done musing for now.
Go Bears.

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