Manic Witch

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I surrender.

Mother Nature? Do you see me waving the white flag? Of course you can't. There's too much fucking snow. Yes, I know you gave us a brief respite from the bitter cold, until tomorrow that is. But you didn't need to trade it in for snow. I know, I know...during the cold we all said "At least it's not snowing" and now we are saying "at least it's not so damn cold". How about if we all say "At least it's not warm and sunny"? Would that work? Do you fall for reverse psychology?
The traffic chick has been warning people to make an early start for work today since the roads are all fucked up. But if EVERYONE makes an early start, doesn't that just move the rush hour up? So instead of sitting in traffic at 7:00, you are sitting in it at 6:00? Either way, you will be spending a lot of quality time with your satellite radio.
In spite of my bitching, I do thank you for not cursing us with your wrath as you have the people in upstate New York. 12 feet of snow. 12. Feet. I can't even picture that. And that's not even drifting snow. That shit is what came straight down. I know we would stock up on groceries like nobody's business. But we would still need to get out to shovel the roof and clear the back yard for the dog to do his business. And clear enough away from the windows so we don't become completely encased in a CO tomb. We are only supposed to get another 2-4", but dammit, enough is enough. That stupid rodent didn't see his shadow. When that happens, how much winter is left? I know if he DOES, it means another 6 weeks. But I've never heard what happens when he doesn't. By my calendar we still have another 36 days of winter. And in Chicago that translates into another 60 since we could still get snow as late as mid to late April.
So Mother Nature? Mom? Enough already. Please?

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