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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where the hell did '07 go?

It's January 9th already? Seriously? Damn. I didn't think I'd been that busy. Well, I'm going to play catch up here, so grab yourself a beverage of choice ahd settle in for a long post. Go ahead, I'll wait.

*taps foot*

Geeze, what'd you have to do? Go all the way to Colombia to get the beans for your coffee? Sheesh. You just held everyone else up. All right, let's begin.

1. The Christmas Cunt:
She did not disappoint this year. She did show up at my parent's invite, though I heard that SHE asked to come, but whatever. She's my parents daughter and if they want her at their house, we'll respect that. No one spoke to her. I think maybe my kids did over breakfast, but this isn't their fight and I wasn't going to tell them to snub the C.C. just becase shes a twat to the rest of us. After breakfast she grabs her daughter's gifts and leaves. We all had debated even getting that little shit anything, but decided that since Christmas really is for kids, and it's not her fault that her parents are dicks, we all got her "a little something". After she left we all agreed that this was the last year for that shit. She shows up, makes sure she gets her kids loot and then bails? Nice. Then we find out that she got gift cards for all the kids, which is only fair, I guess. But she wrote in the greeting card: "Sorry I couldn't be there..." So the cunt knew she wasn't going to stay. None of this shit that she was shut out and ignored, so she decided to leave. This was a very calculated move on her part. And once again, she was the center of attention all day, even without being there, because we all discussed that whole thing all day. I think I'm done with that. Too much negative energy there.

2. New Year's Eve:
We broke a cardinal rule about not being on the roads on NYE and went to a party that night. My family just couldn't find a hotel for our traditional Hang-out-at-a-hotel-swim-eat-swim-drink-swim-and-avoid-drunks-on-the-road-and-this-is-a-nice-way-to-end-the-holiday-season thingy. (And typing all those words-plus-dashes is harder than it looks, thank you). The hotels were all charging obscene rates. And half my family was sick with the cruds anyway, so I guess it all worked out in the end. Hubs and I had a great time at the party. These people went ALL OUT. Confetti in balloons so at midnight we all had kabob spears and popped the balloons for a confetti storm. And that was just the balloons. We kept our drinking to about 2 drinks each so we didn't have to worry too much about the ride home. And that had the added bonus of not starting the new year with a hangover. Yay us.

3. The Funeral:
I finally got to meet my friend in person. Just as I knew her via emails, she is just a wonderful as I expected. But what a shitty way to meet. The ceremony at the church was beautiful. And all the catholic pomp and circumstance came flooding back at me. I came to the realization that I can't do all that kneeling anymore though. The ceremony at the cemetary was very moving. I started to cry during the rifle salute and was nearly bawling when "Taps" was played. I haven't seen that many "Class A's" since Hubs got out and there was more brass there than at the Pentagon it seemed. The soldiers who stood guard over the casket at the funeral home realized that funeral detail is much harder than they thought. It really brought home just what could happen to them. Especially since they will be shipping out for Iraq in the near future.

4. Funeral Procession Etiquette:
This is a category all its own. We had people cutting in and out of the procession on the way to the cemetary. One douchebag on a cell phone nearly slammed into us as we were going through an intersection. And another bitch nearly hit us turning right as we were turning left onto a road just because she had the green light and it was "her turn" to go. People left comments on a forum for this, saying how gratifying it was to see cars actually pulled over in respect for the dead. Yeah, about 3 cars. And one jogger stopped running, put his hand over his heart and watched in silent respect for our fallen soldier. Hubs is just both amazed and appalled at the total disregard people have here for funeral processions. Where he comes from, it is pretty much an unwritten law that you pull over for one. I really never thought much about that since around here doing that will get you run over by some asshole in a hurry to get to where ever he is going. But maybe if I start, then eventually others will get the hint. But I doubt that around here.

4: My to-do list:
A. I have a pile of trade magazines that I need to plow through. Ok, I don't need to, but there is a lot of information in them that I could really use at work. I have other magazines that have been piling up. That's pretty unusual for me. I usually read those they day I get them.
B. I have a book that I've been trying to read for the last two months. But I only read when I am in the van at work since I try to get there early, and when I step outside for a smoke. I could just sit down and finally finish the damn thing, but I have another 50 books or so waiting for me on my bookcase, so that just won't work unless I devote the next 3 months doing nothing but reading.
C. I still need to take down the christmas decorations. I figure if I wait long enough, I could just put pink ribbons and bows on it and call it my valentines tree. Yes?
D. Knitting. The "massive" project is coming along nicely and really isn't as hard as I thought it would be. But, I know I will have miles of seaming to do and seeing as how I've managed to avoid seaming so far, that part will be a challenge. I alse need to finally finish that damn "Fuzzy Oops Wrap". It's just that its such a tedious knit that I really have to push myself to just work on it and be done with it.

Ok, that's my year in review. And it's only 9 days into the new year. I really hope the remaining 356 days are a little less hectic.

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