Manic Witch

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Life. Unscripted.

Who needs reality TV when we have conversations like this:

Endora: Mo-o-om! She hit me harder!
Me: (knowing the answer, but had to ask anyway) Harder than what?
Endora: Harder than I hit her.
You gotta love her honesty.

Agatha: What will the mascot be at my new school?
Me: Panther.
Agatha: Good. I hate having one that's also the same name as a condom. (Trojan)
Endora: What's wrong with condiments?
(She wasn't kidding. She really didn't know.)

Hubs took Endora with him to our local video store. In the corner, near the new releases is a room with a sign on the door-Must be 18 to enter. That's where they hide the "Snuggle" movies.
Endora: If you want to go in there to get a movie for you and Mom, I can wait out here.
Hubs was half expecting someone to clap a hand on his shoulder and lead him away for being a pervert.

Seriously, the kid didn't know what was wrong with ANY of those conversations. She really is an innocent.

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