Manic Witch

Saturday, January 27, 2007


My sore throat has now evolved into a full blown cold, complete with producing my own body weight in snot. (You're welcome). Thank the gods it started yesterday and I have the weekend to recover. I plan on spending some quality time with the couch and some really cheesy movies. Lets face it, there is no way I can concentrate enough to follow a story line any more complex than Animal House or Weekend at Bernies. But I am still *snuffle* dealing with the sore throat, and I don't think its really related to the cold. I saw Doc for it Thursday and we really don't think there is a connection. So I am going to take a "wait and see" approach. If it doesn't get any better by the time this cold runs its course, then I will be seeing an "Ears, Nose and Throat" (ENT) doc.
And you would think that with all this down time, *cough, hack* I would get miles of knitting done, but no...I don't even have the hand strength to hold the needles, and I can't even focus on the mindless projects I have on my needles right now. I frogged the bootie-I FUBAR'D the heel flap and decided it was just easier to start over. I'll worry about trying to manipulate 4 needles once I am feeling better. Of course, I'm seeing double right now, so my regular knitting looks like I'm handling more needles than I really am anyway.

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