Manic Witch

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The butt bone is connected to the head bone...

I've decided to test for my Registered Medical Assistant certification. I never took a formal class for my specific job. I learned how to take blood pressures when I was 10 because we had a scare with my dad. I took an EMT class about 10 years ago, was a CPR instructor, and took the class for CNA (certified nursing assistant). Whoopie. I needed a class on how to change adult diapers and make beds. I learned how to draw blood and run EKGs at the hospital, and am now learning the administrative tasks at this job. It's time I finally get the official paperwork that shows I know what I am doing. I picked up a book to prepare for the exam and while flipping through it last night, I realized that I know shit about anatomy. I know the very, VERY basics, but apparently not the involved, detailed shit that they think I need to know. And in almost 7 years of doing this, I know that it will never come into play. It's just not in my scope of practice. If I needed to really know this stuff, I would have gone into medical school, or at least nursing school. And as much as I thought I wanted to do that, I realize now that I not only don't have the money for the classes, but I can't take 3 years off work to go to school. AND I refuse to ever work in a hospital again. I would probably still work in an office, doing what I am doing right now. So why spend all that time and money to do the same exact thing? Few offices around here hire R.N.s They can't justify the cost when a CMA/RMA can do the same job, and for a lot less money.
So I am off to study the practice exams, see what I need to learn for the test, and figure out what books I will need to purchase to learn what I don't know. All this for a $100 test. To get my piece of paper. To justify the fact that I didn't need formal education to know what it is that I do know. That I DO know what I am doing.

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