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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time travel

Endora had her social studies fair last week, and I couldn't believe some of the projects. The theme was "1990's". We chose to highlight the Gulf War since Hubs served over there. She did a great posterboard and had an interview with Hubs, telling what it was like for a soldier there, without going into the gory details of the war-just what living conditions were, what they ate, where they lived...more of a human interest story. I got into a "discussion" with her teacher after he told her that her diorama couldn't be just a shoebox with sand and little toy soldiers. Ok, I'm not creative by any stretch of the imagination, but that was all we could think of at the time. I told the teacher that the war lasted about a week and a half, and that was what it was like-sand and soldiers. I wasn't about to spend the money to get planes and I sarcastically told him that I could always include little soldiers with towels on their heads and their hands in the air, but that probably wouldn't be considered "politically correct" and didn't want her to get in trouble for that. He was kind of an ass and I was so tempted to ask what unit he was with since he obviously saw something different than Hubs did. It was like argueing with a brick wall, so I just gave up. Turns out I should have just gone ahead and done it though...there WAS a project with green army guys and tan ones with their heads painted white. But the shit I saw there just left me speechless....
We live in a very Hispanic area so there were LOTS for Selena. One even had a Bratz in a shoebox decorated like a coffin. If I'd know that, I would have taken a Ken doll, blown off his head and called him Kurt Cobain. Someone went all out and taped a Push Pop to a posterboard. I bet his parents are proud.
The whole thing made me realize that I had forgotten just how much happened just a few short years ago:

The Oklahoma City Bombing (Hubs sister was there, helping with the victims)
Princess Diana
OJ Simpson murder trial
Da Bulls dynasty

And all I was doing was suffering through an emotionally abusive marriage and trying to raise two little girls.

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