Manic Witch

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is there a telethon for this condition?

Lana mentioned it on her blog. I've complained about it. And I've noticed others with several knits in progress on their blogs too. What is it? It's START-ITIS! Run for the hills! I swear, I just finished a quickie project (really amazing too. A cable scarf in about a week. Hell-anything at all in about a week. Woo!) I still have two other projects on the needles-the Fuzzy Oops Wrap and the Massive, I-can't-believe-I'm-even-thinking-of-doing-this Project. And still, I am thinking of a couple of others that have been wanting to start. I just don't want to have all kinds of stuff started, but nothing really finished. I did make a couple of sweaters, blankies and several scarves since I started knitting, but there is always more I want to do. I have to be careful too...I have a needle master kit and can't tie up all my tips and cables on too many projects. I have straights in nearly every size, so I guess I could always transfer any non-circular project to a straight so I can rescue my needlemaster, but then I would have no incentive to actually finish a tedious knit. I can't use straights as my working needles either...they hurt my wrists waay to much.
Maybe I'll just push myself to at least get to the next "milestone" in the WIP I have now, before I start something new. Of course at that point, the "milestone" is adding a color, or changing a knit pattern so I would probably pick up interest in these again. These are pretty easy and mindless though. Perfect for when I am vegging out in front of the telly.

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