Manic Witch

Friday, December 01, 2006

HEY! Susie Snowflake!

Three words:

Suck. My. Balls.

um...if I had any that is.


We got up EARLY to start shoveling this shit. How early? Lets just say that the Phone Sex girls were still on tv begging for calls.
We shoveled about 6 inches of wet. heavy. shit. Now 3 hours later, it doesn't look like we even bothered. Nice to know that was all a wasted effort.
Doc and I decided to have a late opening at work today. Hopefully the roads will be a little cleared by then and traffic will have died down some.

We are now at 10 inches and they are still calling for more over the next 5 hours-at about 2 inches an hour. Endora is the only one excited about it. The schools are closed, so Percy and Agatha are thrilled, of course. But Endora LOVES this shit. She didn't even mind when we woke her at 0-dark-thirty to help shovel. She is a disturbed child.

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