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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Open letter to local political candidates...

Dear Muck-raking blowhard,

It's bad enough that I have to sit through your commercials trying to convince the public that you are a wonderful person with only our best interests at heart, while portraying your opponent as Lucifer incarnate, but at least I can go to the bathroom during your air time. (An appropriate response, I think). And I can always (and usually do) just toss your 3-4 DAILY mailings into the recycle bin. But the constant autobot telephone calls are where I draw the line. I have gotten more calls from your campaign headquarters than I do from: my mother/husband/bill collectors/obscene callers combined! Really, I know your name. I know that you-are-wonderful-and-your-opponent-is-shit. I get it. But please, PLEASE stop calling. All it is doing is making me want to vote against you only because you have been harassing me daily for the past 6 weeks. I don't even know your stance on issues that are important to me. I just want to cast my vote for the other person who is at least considerate enough to not make me jump up, check the caller ID and then wait for the damn call to pick up so I can disconnect it since so many of my other stalkers fans come up as "Unavailable".
Honestly, I am a politicians worst nightmare-I am an apathetic voter. I vote only because it gives me the right to bitch about our government. I know that whomever gets elected will blow off any "promises" made during their campaign. Actually, I know that promises made are impossible to keep since these candidates are such junior members of government that there is no way they have any clout in their office. But there are enough people out there who believe the smoke and mirrors, and I sometimes envy their optimism. I just think I've gotten burned too many times.

Manic Witch

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