Manic Witch

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sleeping single in a double king sized bed...

Hubs just took off for a business trip and will be gone for a week. *Sigh*. I'm a little jealous because he is going somewhere sunny, warm, luxurious and away from here. But I know it's important for business so he gets needs to go.
Today will be spent getting Endora's trunk out of the attic so she has some warm clothes to wear. And while I am digging around up there, I will finally get my Halloween decorations down too. I am such a procrastinator. I will probably end up leaving the shit out until nearly Thanksgiving. But then I can pull out the Christmas decorations as I put away the Halloween ones. YIKES! Is Christmas really that close that I am even talking about decorations? Shit! Where did this year go?

I also need to get some knitting house-cleaning done. Aw fuck it-let's be honest here. I really will be doing more knitting than cleaning. I hope.

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