Manic Witch

Friday, September 22, 2006

What happened to The Brady Bunch?

Or Eight is Enough? Or Little House on the Prairie?
Has anyone been paying attention to what is happening to prime time TV? Networks have gotten really graphic this season. I'm not talking about the adult humor. Ok, maybe I am. Now that the kids are around all the time, I'm very much aware of what is being shown on TV. Did anyone catch C.S.I. last night? Did we really need to see Catherine shove a tampon up her cooter? And E.R.? My step-son Dash was watching and seemed to be a little upset over seeing Abby's abdomen being cut open for a C-Section. And this shit is on network TV, not cable.
Ok, I know, I know...I can always have the kids leave the room and find something else to do, but I didn't realize that these shows were planning on upping the graphic ante here. I don't necessarily want to insulate my kids from seeing the "real world" out there. They are totally beyond the "Barney Years", but 13 year old boys don't need to know about using tampons to collect sexual assault evidence.

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