Manic Witch

Sunday, September 24, 2006

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat.

Ladies? How are YOU able to pee on a toilet seat? I have noticed on more than one occasion droplets on the seat and I have to wipe them off before I "answer nature's call". Gross. And even worse is if I don't happen to notice it, then I get to sit on someone else's pee. And yes, I'm a setter, not a squatter. I can't squat. But back to my original question-I know you aren't built in such a was as to miss the bowl. I know. I've seen enough lady bits through the course of my job to know that women have "inboards", not "outboards".

And back to my previous post...I loathe censorship. It is up to ME what my children can and cannot watch. Yes, I made the mistake of not recording the shows to watch when the kids aren't around or having them leave the room. Ok, they are teens and not entirely traumatized by the experience, but I didn't realize that the shows had gotten more graphic. Now I know to have them doing something else while I watch my shows. Or I just change the channel. But NOBODY else has the right to tell me that my kids can't watch those shows. All TVs come with a really neat feature called an "Off" button. We are all free to use it. And believe me, I do.

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