Manic Witch

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I really don't have ADD

But sometimes it feels like I do. I am currently:

Berlitz for German-(I'm on day 7 and chapter 2)
At Knit's End
The King of Torts
Pocket PCs for Dummies-(I got a new toy).

Fuzzy "Oops" Wrap
Dusky Top Down Top

Ripping CDs to my mp3

Fill out a bunch of paperwork for court for child support

Trying to figure out how to transfer all my stuff from my PalmZire to my Pocket PC-Ok, I know how, I just need the old software to do it.

Oh yeah, plus:
All the regular stuff around the house.
Trying to get the girls all settled in.

Does anyone have a few extra hours a day that you aren't using? Can I have them?

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