Manic Witch

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The phone call a parent never wants to get at work...

Phone rings....

Me: Good Morning, fabulous Doctor's office.
Agatha: Mom? What cleaning solution are you supposed to use to get blood off walls?
Me: What?
Agatha: I need to get blood off the walls and I don't know what I should use.
Me: *sigh* Whose blood?
Agatha: Mine.
Me: Which wall?
Agatha: The kitchen. And the bathroom.
Me: What the hell happened?
Agatha: I cut my finger and I was shaking my hand because it hurt and I guess I kind of flicked blood all over the walls.

And in the background I can hear Endora-"ask her if we use the same stuff to clean blood off the toilet."

Yessir. Fruit of My loins they are.

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