Manic Witch

Thursday, July 06, 2006

When *I* was a kid...

I remember when I was in High School, driving the requisite "Beater with a Heater" and pumping a whole $5.00 into the gas tank because that was all I could afford. That damn near filled the tank and I could drive for DAYS on that. Of course, gas was around $0.90 a gallon and I drove a '72 Ford Pinto. The POS edition-it was a popular model. Trust me, NO ONE tailgated me in that thing. But even before then, in the mid 1970's, there was a "gas shortage". People would line up around the block for a few gallons of gas. People were buying locking gas caps because assholes would siphon off their tank. Now, instead of a "gas shortage" we have "High Oil Prices"-because of -the war, Katrina, Mercury retrograde, the ozone, PMS... I really think everyone is full of shit. The oil companies of yesteryear knew people couldn't afford sky-high prices, so they created a shortage. Nowadays, with credit coming out our asses, oil companies just raise the prices. They know that people will still drive to work, shopping, vacations...Yesterday at 4:00 gas was $3.08/gal, but I didn't have time to stop, I figured I would just get it after I saw the girls. At 8:00, it was $3.25!!! Just 4 hours later, it jumped 17 fucking cents a gallon! This afternoon when I finally had to fill up, it was "down" to $3.19/gal. WTF? So in just 24 hours there was a net increase of 11 cents a gallon. Do the prices really fluctuate that frequently?
Sometimes, and only sometimes, I miss my Pinto. (Pic later).

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