Manic Witch

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

See? This is why you guys Rock!

I knew I could count on you ladies. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. The glampyre one is the pattern I used for my Top Down Top and I know she includes directions for turning it into a cardigan, but it involves *gasp* steeking. Horrors! Cutting something that I've spent weeks on? NOOOOO! But that was the pattern I was going to try to bastardize. And it really isn't a problem to knit the sleeves back on, Kim. When I did the T.D.T., I just put the sleeves on a stitch holder, did the rest of the sweater and came back to the holder, picked up the stitches on my needles and went from there. Of course the others that were suggested were pretty much the same idea. I just needed some direction.

Thank you all! They are bookmarked and ready for me to finish up the blankie.

Aryadne? You hang in there too. We all knit at our own pace, and believe me, I get jealous as hell of Lani with the way she can crank out a sweater in just a couple of days time. But she has been doing it longer and probably has a faster way of doing it. Is it better? For her it is, but not for everybody. (Of course I still have to remind myself of that when I peek over at her blog to see that she put another few inches on her cardigan today. Lookin' good Toots).

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