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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A rose by any other name....

Sometimes I think my family shouldn't be allowed to name pets. "Midnight" and "Smokey" are fairly normal names for cats, but I named them. "Smokey's" original name was "Mr. Nuts". Our dog, "Mase" (Mah-say) was named by The Christmas Cunt's husband. For the curious, it's french for a jump shot in pool-you know, when you fire the cueball over another ball. WTF?
Here is a list of names my family has forced on helpless critters:

Bamm-Bamm-don't ask

You too
Roach (that was during my brothers "wonder years")
Tinkerbell (ok, that was me and my sister. But in our defense, we were around 10 years old. Again, kids should not name pets. My mother hated yelling "Tinkerbell" out the front door for that dog).
Little Dog (we weren't planning on keeping him. But we had him for 2 years).

Obi Wan

We did have a beautiful Irish Setter named Kelly (go figure), but she came to us already named. I shudder to think what we would have named her.

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