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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Knit-aversary to me!

It has been exactly one year since I played pick up sticks and cannot believe I've stayed with it this long. I have a bad habit of learning something new, going all gung-ho on it, spending big bucks to get everything I could ever possibly need for it, and then dropping it after a month. Instead, I am looking for more patterns, looking for yarn in every store I go in to (I know, I know-PetCo does NOT sell yarn. But you can't blame a knitter for trying) and trying to find new ways to bust my stash so I can get away with buying new yarn.
Here is my knit-year in review:

The Blankie from Hell-my first project for my beloved niece.
Hub's Bronco's Scarf-I hate it. I used needles that were waaaay too big-it has a shitty lacy look. And I seamed it all wrong and it looks like shit.
Endora's Totally Tublar Capelet. It was my first attempt at knitting in the round and with eyelash. I kept dropping stitches without knowing it and the damn thing eventually unraveled.
My Knitting Olympics Shawl. I totally missed the deadline-by about 6 weeks, but I had fun making it. I really liked the YO increases, but learned not to get cocky with something that keeps getting wider. I started out thinking "This is going to get knit up in no time." Yeah, for the first 30 rows, it does go quick since there are only about 33 stitches at that point, but when you have 250 stitches, it starts to get tedious. Of course, I got tired of it at the end and was worried I would run out of yarn, so it ended up being a little narrower that I would have liked. I gave it to Queen's daughter who just loves it.
Fuzzy "Oops Shawl" for the Christmas Cunt. She wanted a really wide scarf-one she could use to also pull up over her head. I used some fairly fuzzy yarn and while it was supposed to just be plain stockinette with a garter border, I goofed up and reversed the pattern partway through because the yarn was too fuzzy and I couldn't see my stitches. So I went with a 5" stockinette, 10" reverse stockinette, 5" stockinette...pattern. It turned out really neat looking and more of a shawl-shawl than uber-wide scarf. She loved it and I want to make one for myself now.
4 disco scarves. Quick knits when I want to feel like I accomplished something instead of having something stare at me from my knitting bag for weeks on end.
My Teal Top-Down-Top. I loved making that and want to make another one as soon as I finish up what I have on my needles.

I am almost done with my Karoke Cable Scarf for Agatha-I should finish it this weekend and am making slow progress on the Chinese Waves Blanket. I've figured out why I hate working on it. I really try not to put down a project mid-row and this has a 4 row repeat. I have a row counter, but a couple of times I've thrown it in my bag only to find that it advanced on me so I lose track of which row I'm on. At least knitting in the round, you can set it down anytime and not worry about stretching out the stitches on the row, and I was knitting the Top-Down-Top by length, not by row count. But I am learning, and the Blanket is a fairly mindless knit-perfect for when I am watching a movie and don't have to pay too much attention to the pattern.

My next projects will be:
Bunny Blanket Buddy for my niece.
Another Top-Down-Top. This time I have a glorious shade of purple Caron Simply Soft that just begs to be used.
Another "Oops Shawl"
Maybe a Hobo Bag. I will probably make it a little smaller and use something from my stash instead of cotton. I worry that it may stretch out and hang to my ankles if I use cotton.
A Bears Scarf for myself. I will use the same yarn as for the Broncos scarf (Caron Simply Soft), but definitely smaller needles and not so wide.

*Sigh* So many patters and yarn, but so little time.

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