Manic Witch

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good news. Bad news.

Good news: Hubs quit smoking. Yay Hubs! He had been talking about it off and on and I thought it was just in passing. But Thursday, he had his morning smoke and then that was it. He bought "The Patch" on his way to work and hasn't had a cig since.

Bad news: I am still smoking. I'm not entirely ready to quit. My folks just bought 2 cartons of cigarettes when they were on vacation (cigs are much cheaper there, so they usually pick up a couple of cartons for all the smokers in the family). So I now have about a months worth of smokes. AND I can't use "The Patch." I'm allergic to adhesive. I really can't use "The Gum" either because I actually chew gum and I know I would just end up chomping on it and getting hit with a huge OD of nicotine. I can't use Welbutrin because of the other meds I'm taking. So what's left? I know if I'm really motivated, I could probably do it on my own. But I would rather have something in place to help with the withdrawl symptoms. And I know others around me would appreciate that. Otherwise I know I will just turn into Psycho-Bitch.

Any ideas?

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