Manic Witch

Monday, June 19, 2006

We play both kinds of music-Country AND Western

Jeebus Cripes! I hate driving through Wisconsin. I had to take a mini road-trip yesterday which took me up to central Wisconsin and back. I had to use Percy's car which doesn't have a CD player, only a tapedeck and I don't have any cassettes anymore. So I spent most of the trip channel surfing, trying to find something that wasn't either country or the God-Squad. But we have no plans to get satelite radio. We don't make the trip that often, in fact, we may be pretty much done with it. Yay! Hub's ex-wife is moving down to our neck of the woods after living 450 miles away. So we get to see her and Dash (younger stepson) more often. Yes, you read that right-we ALL get along-Hubs, ex-wife, me. Completely different from what I have with Ex.

The trip did bring another question to mind....I noticed in almost all of the hick towns I passed through, there are restaurants promoting "World Famous" foods. "World Famous Burritos", "World Famous Hamburgers". If these are world famous, why hasn't anyone heard of them? How come we haven't seen them profiled on the Food Network? I've never seen stories of celebrity sightings at "Joe's Pub and Grub". I think these people are full of shit. Can I sue for false advertising?

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