Manic Witch

Saturday, June 17, 2006

This really isn't funny anymore

I went outside to have a smoke before going to work and I hear a splashing coming from the back yard. Another squirrel had gotten trapped in the pool. Fortunately, he must have just fallen in. I went back to see the poor thing desperately trying to climb out of the pool only to fall back in. We have one of those -blow up the ring and fill the pool to make the sides go up- pools. He couldn't get any grip on the sides to climb out. I grabbed the skimmer to help fish him out, but he freaked out when he saw me. I finally managed to scoop him up and free him. All the while, I kept seeing the look of panic and terror in his eyes. I really didn't have a problem with seeing the dead ones in the pool, but to see this little guy fighting for his life really got to me. I think part of it is: not only seeing a helpless creature struggle and fight to save himself from a certain death, but-and this is a biggie: I really believe that I had once died by drowning in a past life. I can swim, I love(d) to water ski, I used to spend the entire summer on my parent's boat when I wasn't at work-so I don't have any fear of water. But every so often I have a nightmare of drowning that is so very real. I can actually feel the water closing up over my head, and I am unable to surface any more to get one last precious gulp of air. I can actually see and feel myself drowning.
So not only is it really tragic now that I have actually witnessed a poor creature of the Goddess nearly drowning, but I think it has brought back some repressed past life memories.

And yes, I know the answer is to put the cover on the pool. When we put it up, we had problems with the pump and hadn't had a chance to fix it. Believe me, when I get home from work, that is the first order of business.

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