Manic Witch

Friday, June 30, 2006

Show of hands

Who had one of these when you were a little girl? Ok. Lots of you, I see. Now, how many of you HATED them? Hmmm. Looks like all of you.
Why are these damn things still being made? Is it to pass on the ritual of ridicule? You hated it and got mercilessly teased so you want to make sure your daughter will experience the same agonies? It is time to break the chain of "I made it just for you" abuse. Ladies, I beg of you, use your gifts of yarn and needles for good, not evil. Our children's emotional well-being is at stake.
Oh geeze! I just looked at the post again-its for ADULTS! Were you not sufficiently traumatized when you had to wear that fugly thing as a child? You have to spend $13 to recreate the nightmares of your youth? You clearly haven't been keeping your appointments with your therapist. It's usually around the 12th session where you learn that you and your inner child cannot co-exist harmoniously. If you are making above minimum wage, you are too old to wear that thing. If you have a checking account, you are too old to wear that thing. If you mention the word "album" to your kids and they give you a blank look, you are too old to wear that thing. And finally, if you mention "Paul McCartney" and someone says "Wasn't he with 'Wings'?" you are really to old to wear that fucking thing.
(I don't know where I was going with that last part. I need a nap. Another sign that I am too old to wear that POS).

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