Manic Witch

Saturday, June 03, 2006

*pant, pant*

Ok, at least knitting and reading is considered "low impact activity". Sheesh! I just cleaned the dog run (which we use for everything BUT the dog) and started weeding next to the garage. That area is unused and is pretty much all graveled, just waiting for us to get our act together so Percy has a place to park his car. I got about 1/3 of the way done and am B.E.A.T!! Its a rather large area, so I know I am justified in feeling this way.
I guess I need to take a little break, sit in the air conditioning and maybe work on some magazine purges and tune ripping. I don't want to pick up sticks right now. The mags can be done pretty quickly,-I'm just going to flip through each one and tear out articles I want to read later. And it only takes seconds to switch cds to rip the next one. The knitting will take some time and I know if I get involved, there is no fucking way I will go back outside.

*sigh* A witches self-imposed work is never done.

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