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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MWF acting like SWF (sorta)

Hubs and Percy are away this week, so I get to be a SWF for a while. Meaning I get to have dinner with my close friends Ben and Jerry if I want. I can knit to my hearts content if I want and I can watch chick flicks if I want. That is, if I want. So what happens? I end up eating cereal for dinner for 2 days, have pot pies last night and realize what a pain in the ass it is for one person to make something reasonably nutritious for dinner. I'm glad they are only gone for a week, otherwise I would probably die from malnutrition. I haven't picked up my knitting since Sunday and now I can't. I managed to butcher my pinky, right where I thread the yarn for tension. Somehow I gouged a big chunk of skin off the top and didn't even realize it until I noticed a puddle of blood on a bunch of papers that I was getting ready to shred. And the band-aid allergy thing sucks. I'm not allergic to latex (and I think most band-aids are latex free anyway), I'm allergic to the adhesive. I get a nasty, painful rash from it, and that is worse than any "booboo" I am trying to stop hemorrhaging. So I had to manage to wrap a piece of gauze around it and then wrap some medical tape around that, making sure that the adhesive doesn't touch skin, but still hold the dressing in place. And do this all one handed. Fun fun.
The chick flicks? I rented "My Best Friend's Wedding" only to find that the tape is all munched up so I couldn't see that. I ended up watching Showgirls instead. (shut up) I saw it in the theater (SHUT UP) with my ex-SIL because she had the hots for the guy who ended up only having about 5 minutes of screen time and played a rapist. (The movie has been out for 11 years. If I ruined the ending for you, its not my fault anymore). I think the dvd release has been touched up, or its just because I'm not seeing it on the BIG screen, but I noticed that I wasn't focusing on Elizabeth Berkley's lipliner. Did anyone else notice that? All you saw was lipliner and no lipstick. Ok, I guess I would notice that instead of all the hooties and cooters. At least back then I did, but dammit, that was pretty distracting.
Where was I going with this post? Oh yeah, I can't knit because of my owie, I have nothing to watch until I get to the video store today-I am so tired of all the stuff we have here, and I am sick to death of cereal. I've also been eating a lot of fast food because of all my trips to Chicago (I have to grab a quick burger as I run for the train). I can't even look at the "Golden Arches" without my stomach clenching up. I guess what I am saying here is that I miss Hubs...a lot. I'm not used to being alone anymore. I know some of my "blog-buds" out there have posted about this. How did you all handle it?

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