Manic Witch

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I am so not a city Witch

If I have to go downtown Chicago too many more times, I swear by the Goddess I will lose it! I have always hated going into "the City", but because of court, I don't have much choice. I now know where every bathroom is in Union Station and I know every tune "Crazy Sax Dude" cranks out on the corner by the train station. (Nice segue from "Sanford and son" to "The Simpsons" Kenny G. Not many people can pull that off). I know the best way to avoid panhandlers and have seen more Amish in these past few months than most people will ever see in their entire lives. I know how to steal a cab from an uptight businessman hail a cab and get it on the first try. I also know how to hike up my pants legs past my knees when I go to the john at the train station. Apparently women are able to have "poor aim" too. I started to wonder about that, but decided that I really didn't want to know.

I have learned to pack light, but complete. My file folder when full weights about 8 pounds. I have a great tote bag, but add an 8 pound folder, my car keys, PDA, cell phone, mp3, book/magazine, smokes/lighter, ID, ATM card, money, bottle of water and optional umbrella (but only if rain is in the forecast) and I walk very lopsided. My shoulders are now permanently out of balance. I've thinned the file to about 2-3 pounds, but everything else is crucial. (Don't even bother to lecture me about the smokes. They don't weigh anything and if I don't smoke down there, I will most likely end up staying there-in lock up for homocide. I FUCKING HATE IT THERE!!) I can't even bring my knitting along. I don't think I can get the needles past security in the courthouse. The cabbies all drive like they are racing to their crackhouse, the women all push each other around as if to prove to the world that you don't need a dick to be one. I find all the concrete, steel and glass to be very suffocating. And I only have 2 outfits to wear. I live in scrubs, jeans and sweats. I haven't had to "dress up" in years.
Hopefully this will all be over in the next couple of months. No one ever tells you of the hidden costs of going to court-for anything, not just custody. Not only do I have attorney fees, which I expected, but I also have: train fare, cab fare, lunch, missed time from work (that's the biggie). I pick up water and a cup of coffee from near home so I am not paying Cartier prices for Walmart products. I don't want the hassle of carrying my "to-go" cup or sports bottle, so I have to keep buying that stuff at the Kwik-E mart. And driving is NOT an option. The cost of train/cab fare is much cheaper than the cost of gas, parking, Motrin and bullets (oops).
But like I said, I am hoping it will be over in the forseeable future.

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