Manic Witch

Saturday, May 20, 2006


You know those little cards, where you tilt it one way you see one pic, then tilt it the other way to see another pic? My mom had one-you see a healthy, happy child, *tilt* emaciated, 3rd world child starving to death, *tilt* Jesus. Ok, fat happy kid becomes sickly, dies and then gets to see Jesus? Or jesus feeds the skeletal kid loaves and fishes and kid becomes fat and happy? Either way, it creeped my shit out.

I was at my parents yesterday, helping them get ready for their neighboorhood garage sale. My dad found a box with all my stuff from my first wedding to Ex. Damn! I kept everything! There was the bag that my grandma made for the cards-the cards from the wedding AND our first anniversary were in there. The pillow for my nephew the ring bearer was there. The reply cards from the guests. The wedding album with all the schmaltzy luvyduvy stuff as well as all the gifts recorded in it.
My mother was burning a bunch of stuff so the bag with all the cards and pillow hit the burn pit. Mom reminded me that my grandma made that for me. Yuh-for my wedding to Ex-17 years ago! I don't think so. Mom asked if the girls might have wanted that. I doubt it. Agatha hates her father and Endora is finally broken of the spell he seemed to have over her. Why would they want any kind of reminder of a wedding that led to a marriage that was doomed from the beginning? I would think they would rather have the momentos from my wedding with Hubs-ya know-a happy marriage. Anyway, I burned all that shit. Torch the negative energies!

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