Manic Witch

Monday, May 08, 2006

Open letter to my cat

Dear Midnight,

I don't mind when you sleep on my pillow with me. I think its kind of cute. And I've learned to claim my corner of the king sized pillow to make sure I have enough room before you come up to sleep. It doesn't really bother me when you step on my hair either. I can usually tug it away without disturbing you too much. And grooming my bangs while you are up there? I think that's very sweet and loving. But I see no need for an emergency crotch cleaning while you are on my pillow. I see you. You are all settled down to sleep and all of a sudden you sit up and just go to town down there. I have no idea what you did that makes you feel the urgent need clean yourself. I don't think I want to know. I am not saying this because I am jealous that I can't do that. Hell, if I could, I would never leave the house. But then bills wouldn't get paid and we would go hungry since I wouldn't even leave to go grocery shopping. So all and all, its good that I can't do that. But I digress.
Please. If you must do that, either give yourself a bath before climbing up on my pillow, or if the need hits you while you are there, I beg of you, step down and take care of things. This will help keep the squick factor down to a minimum.


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