Manic Witch

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am technology's bitch!

I was looking for a knitting program for my Palm Zire. You know, to keep track of my stash and patterns. I tried Knitable, but really didn't care for it. Then it hit me-put everything in Memo. I created an Exel (.txt) file for the Stash-Brand, Color, Dye lot, weight, quantity and possible project. This way if I think I need another skein because I am not sure I have enough for a project, I have all the information at hand.
I also put a couple of patterns in a memo file. Some I've made as "oopsies", but had them turn out great. I've included the type of yarn, needles and directions.
I really don't need to log all of my needles since I have my beloved Boye Needle Master (and if you think I spent that kind of money on it, you are obviously smoking crack-I got it for only $40 at Hobby Lobby. They were having a 1/2 price sale, so I snatched that bad girl right up.) But I have pretty much every size needle I need for now. I have one set of DPNs, but I don't think I need to log those right now. Maybe as I get more.

So yay! for still being a Techno-Ho.

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