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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy Witchy Weekend

Last night I went to a wonderful Beltane celebration. I met the High Priestess through a forum I co-own/moderate with Sabrina.
The funny thing is that for awhile I wasn't too fond of this person because she and another member would constantly get into flame wars because they are both so outspoken. Sabrina or I would always have to step in and remind the children to play nice. I met her in person when she was getting rid of a bunch of stuff (pagan CD's, jewelry, books....I even got a fab headpiece from her). We hit it off and she invited me to the celebration. I went and met some pretty wild women there. There was much mead flowing and we all had a great time. It really recharged my spiritual needs. I had been feeling pretty drained lately and I think its because I've been neglecting that. I really miss our coven and have been kind of lazy about my solitare practices too. I don't think I will join their group though. Of course I haven't even been asked, but even if they do, they follow a different tradition and I prefer my own, eclectic beliefs. But I am very open to learning more about theirs. I will certainly learn all I can, but that is because I like learning about different beliefs.

Today I will be officiating Broomhilda's wedding. I only post this because she made an announcement on her blog, so I am not giving away any state secrets. It promises to be a pretty nice day here and the ceremony she and her fiance wrote is just beautiful. Queen, and Sabrina will both be there too. And you know me, I am half tempted to bring my knitting. Maybe after the ceremony the three of us can have a little Stitch and Bitch. Who knows, I might be able to convert Broomhilda too. One by one, I am going to make knitters out of as many of you as I can.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. (I hate it when I don't know how to just end a post).

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