Manic Witch

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thanks for sharing so nicely

Percy started with it last weekend...he had one helluva cold. Fortunately he managed to recover just in time to go visit his mom and brother-Dash for spring break. Then Agatha caught it. Then it was Hubs turn. Now I get to play "Pass the kleenex-Gatorade-benadryl" game. Fortunately I managed to hold off until the weekend so I don't have to miss any work. What sucks is that the benadryl doesn't really do much for the congestion. *whine* I just want to take some Sudafed.
So far Endora has managed to dodge this bullet thank Gods. The poor thing has been so bored this week, being sick won't help.

The down side to me being sick? Besides feeling like shit and not being able to take anything for it? I don't feel like knitting.

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