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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's all her fault.

You know who rocks? I mean besides ALL of you? You know who really rocks right now? Isis. That's who. Without knowing it, she is the one who got me started on knitting. Now I am hooked and dying to improve my skills and make more and more stuff. Fortunately, she always lets me pick her brain on really stupid questions that I just can't get answered anywhere else. But I think she has to do that since she is the one who brought me over to the dark side. And Ari. Ari rocks too. She has always been available to answer quick questions too.

I fell in love with Caron Simply Soft Blue Mint. I don't know why I had to have it, I just did. I noticed that Isis made a top down sweater using the same yarn, only in pink. Yay for a pattern I want to use, and with the yarn I have. I had a couple of questions on it and Isis was a fabbo help with it. AND I happened to have a sweater (store bought) that is pretty much the same style. I can use it for measurements to help things along too.

So props to ya toots. Here is the progress so far.

Teal top down top
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