Manic Witch

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I survived

Awwww. Thanks everyone. It really warms the heart to see all the birthday wishes. *mwah*
The birthday was pretty low key. My bro and SIL scheduled my niece's baptism on the same day, so we got to hang out in a church for my birthday morning. I kept waiting for lightning to strike, but nothing happened. LOL

I know I really havent blogged lately, because I've just been so busy. Work, hanging out with Hubs, the court thing, knitting...That doesnt mean that I don't love you all, I just need to spend time with other things too. But don't worry, I will still blog as much as I can, when I can. I am not giving this up, nor am I even taking a hiatus. I'm just letting y'all know, that's all.

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