Manic Witch

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We interrupt this snarkage to bring you an important message...

I have what is probably the final court date tomorrow. I can't sleep. I'm nervous. I had a cocktail (I really don't drink anymore), I had a nice long soak in the tub (over an hour), was chillin' with my mp3, and I still can't sleep.
I honestly NEVER imagined it would happen this quickly. I figured we had till summer to work on our game plan. NOW, if I do win we have to figure out what to do with the girls. There is still 9ish weeks of school left. I don't live close enough to drive them every day. Do I yank them out? Next week is spring break, so I can't even register them and get them into class until the following week since the school will be completely empty. (Except for the janitor, poor bastard. But he has to do a quick clean before the final riots of final quarter). Their grandfather lives close to them (read-in the same school district) and he has been taking them to and from school anyway. So THAT isn't a problem. The problem is, will he make sure that they stay at his house? Agatha won't be a problem. She has no desire to ever go back to her dad's house. She would rather leave with the clothes on her back. Endora is another story. I have a feeling that she will become upset and want to go "home." I don't think Grandpa will be able to say no. I could start out that way and if I find out that he is allowing her to go back to her dad's, then call the whole thing off. But then I am trying to get them into a different school, with a different curriculum. Is it worth the upheaval? I know they have to get out of their dad's house ASAP, no question. But do I trust their grandpa? Hubs and I are worried that EX will try something stupid. Maybe try to leave the area with them. He has NO money, NO job, but still I worry.

Any suggestions? Any insomniacs out there? As always, energies are welcome.

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