Manic Witch

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Silence? From me?

My family would freak if they knew I actually had nothing to say. I guess its just because I've been so busy the past week, that I haven't had time to blog. Horrors!

Lets see:
My older "baby" turned 15. *sob* My older step-son will turn 16 this month. *Hubs sobs* Our other two turn 13 and 12 this month. *HUGE sobs*. Our babies are growing up soooo fast.
We had their birthday party this weekend and I think everyone had a great time. Hub's exwife stayed with us over the weekend. Imagine! Having an ex that you not only get along with, but one that your current wife actually likes. My ex should take notes. Everyone asked if I had invited the "Christmas Cunt" and the answer was an emphatic "No." If she could manage to be a twat on Christmas, who knows what she might pull on at a kids birthday party? And I told my big bro (the one with whom I share a birthday) that I do not want her there either. Fortunately he feels the same way. In fact, everyone was glad that I didn't invite her. She may be my sister, and I have forgiven her for a lot of shit in the past, but to give us an ultimatum? We called your bluff hunny bun. Now live with it.

The damn shawl still isn't finished. And I need to hurry up-I have two other projects waiting in the wings and I am dying to make a "Charlottes Web Shawl". Since my experience with lace knitting is nearly non-existant though, I may be in way over my head with that one. But I will give it a shot eventually.

So that's all I have now. I still have my custody issue going, and I take another step closer next week, but that seems to be going well for now. Keep sending your energies though, I can use all I can get. Once it is all over, I may post some of the behind the scenes dirt on that, but for now I think I need to keep mum on it.

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