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Sunday, March 19, 2006

No one ever tells me anything

I get my High School newsletter yesterday. Its a quarterly publication with all the "Rah! Rah! Look what we are doing for our community." and "I still need to let everyone that I haven't seen in 20 years know what is going on with my life, even if its only the fact that I have 5 kids" news. There's also a "memorium" section-letting us know that we need to pray for those who have "gone before us." Remember? I went to a catholic h.s. So, I read it. Imagine my surprise when I see "Henry "Doe""-grandfather of "Patty Pious". "Patty" is my cousin. I didn't even know she went to my alma mater. And "Uncle Hank" died??? When the fuck did THAT happen?! I call my mom, who by the way called me the day before to tell me that "Mary" had her 5th kid. (Since it was a catholic school, most of the girls were named "Mary, Maria, Maryann, Ann-Marie, Marietta... I think it was a prerequesite for admission. I don't know how Queenie and I got in.) But I digress. Here's how that little discussion went:

Me: "Mom? When did Uncle Hank die?"
Mom: "Oh, let me think. About a year ago I guess. Why?"
Me: "A YEAR?! It was in the newsletter. A YEAR??"
Mom: "Oh, I guess I didn't see it. I wonder who notified the school?"
Me: "Patty Pious." And I didn't know she went there. Why didn't you tell me Uncle Hank died? I have to find out through the newsletter? A year after the fact?"
Mom: "I thought we told you."
Me: "Um, no you didn't. If you had, I would have gone to the funeral. He was one of the family members I actually liked."
Mom: "Well which ones don't you like?"
Me: "Bunches of them, but that's not the point. The point is that I have to find out someone dies, from a high school newsletter!"
Mom: "Oh. Well now you know."
Me: "Gee. Thanks."

Nice, huh?

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