Manic Witch

Monday, March 13, 2006

I wanna win the lottery.

It was that time of the month yesterday. Time for my "day to be ugly so I can fool myself into thinking I could be pretty for a while." In reality it was more like; "Fling hair color all over the bathroom sink and backsplash, get facial mask crap in my mouth, cut myself shaving, poke myself in the eye with my tweezers, drip hot wax all over the place and trim my bangs too damn short" day. I want to win the lottery so someone else can do this for me. I'm really not HIGH maintenance, more like medium. The only reason I even bother with the color anymore is because Hubs and I like the Red, not to try to cover the grey. Hell, I just colored it yesterday and I can still see the fucking grey. I used to kid myself and think that they were tinted a little, so lets call them highlights. Pft. Lets call them what they are-"Grey-I'm pushing 40 years old-hair".

Ok, lets play a game. Besides the, new house-new car-new clothes-lots of vacation-pay off all the bills-kids college fund dream that we all have when we hit "the big one", what little splurges would you like for yourself? And it has to be something that you don't regularly do, something once or twice a year at most.

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